Report from BFAWU young members conference

11 February 2014










Below is a report from the recent BFAWU union’s first young members conference which Unite the Resistance was pleased to be invited to and take part in:

BFAWU Youth Conference

The first ever BFAWU Youth Conference sponsored by Walkers Union was held in Blackpool. We had some fabulous guest speakers talking on a range of different issues but all affecting youth.

We had a talk on the credit union and the importance of them. The BFAWU has one of the best Credit union’ around offering low interest rate loans whilst also creating savings for yourself.

Gordon Marsden MP and Lisa Nandy MP also joined us and had a question and answer session with our members.

They were grilled on all aspects of youth and politics including questions like is Ed Milliband right leader for Labour and is Tony Blair a war criminal.

As good MP’s do they answered each question on its own merit without getting themselves into a jam. What I enjoyed was they were honest with their answers and didn’t hide from any questions.

We also had a session on the importance of BFAWU national conference. A lot of our youth haven’t been to conference, so this was important to show the delegation how to do motions and what protocol is when at a conference.

We as a union helped more youth get to conference by allowing an extra delegate per branch for a youth delegate, we felt this was important to allow more young people to get involved in the union.

We had an excellent session by our solicitors talking all things affecting young workers, including working time regulations, health and safety, age discrimination and also tenancy agreements.

We also had the excellent Hilda Palmer from Hazards talking about the diminishing Health and safety within the workplace and how Mr Cameron has allowed corporations and businesses to float health and safety by cutting the so called “red tape”.

Doug Nicholls from GFTU had possibly the best session by getting us to do a role play about negotiations and what and who affects them negotiations. For the people who had to play the role of the company directors, it was hard work as they were used to fighting against the company and saving jobs, not vice versa.  It was a great way to finish off a day, but also got the group thinking about negotiations.

We also had speeches from Alan from Unite the Resistance and also Claire from YouthFight4Jobs talking about the impossible situation youth are been put in. The price of higher education is stopping youth from going to college and university.

We also talked about the new campaign the BFAWU has started called Fast Food Rights. This is to stop the exploitation of fast food workers within the UK, it includes an action day across the country on the 15th February.

For more info please see (and elsewhere on this website)

The youth conference was a great success and hopefully it will be the first of many. The delegation showed how bright the future looks for the BFAWU.

Chris Lay

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