Blacklisted electrician responds to sacking of Grangemouth convenor, Mark Lyon

7 February 2014

Blacklisted construction worker Stewart Hume responds to the sacking of Grangemouth Unite convenor, Mark Lyon:

“As a trade unionist and Unite member, I am disgusted by the way Mark Lyon has been treated. I am also disgusted as a taxpayer, that the UK and Scottish governments have committed to investing money in an organisation which is treating its employees in such a manner.

How far is the witch hunt of Unite at Ineos Grangemouth going to go? I am concerned that Ineos are on a mission to completely smash union organisation at the site, maybe they will attack the construction contractors next by smashing the NAECI.”

Here we reprint Stewart’s letter to Tom Clarke MP:

Blacklist Support Group

Blacklist Support Group

Dear Tom Clarke

RE: Early Day Motion 1046

This week Ineos, owners of the Grangemouth site, sacked Mark Lyon.

Mark has worked at the site for 25 years, and as Unite convenor served his industry and supported thousands of people at work at their time of need.

Now we need to stand by Mark.

Mark has been on sick leave, under dreadful stress because of intolerable pressure at work.

But despite medical advice that Mark was not fit to attend his disciplinary hearing, he was sacked.

He was dismissed in his absence.

Unite firmly believes that this was because Ineos was determined to rush through a disciplinary process against Mark, denying his legal representatives the appropriate time to prepare his defence.

Unite will, of course, fight this disgraceful decision and will pursue justice, not just because Mark deserves it but because workers and trade unionist everywhere must be protected at work.

But we need you to speak out too.

Please take one moment to help build support for Mark and for trade unionists everywhere and support this EDM.

Michael Connarty MP has be tabled an Early Day Motion 1046 expressing serious concern at the anti-trade union behaviour of Ineos at its
petrochemical plant in Grangemouth.

As someone who has been victimised and sacked for my trade union activities in the past and was named and my disgraceful treatment used as an example that blacklisting continues in the Scottish Affairs Select Committee Interim Report into Blacklisting, I fully support Mark Lyon as he played a role in getting me my job back after my employer (a contractor at Ineos) were put under pressure from my work colleagues with a threat of industrial action unless I was reinstated.

Mark along with Stephen Deans, got involved to help with negotiations on my reinstatement. It appears that Jim Ratcliffe and Ineos are completely out of control with regards to the treatment of trade union members, particularly members of Unite.

I find their conduct completely unacceptable, especially with the fact that they have secured UK and Scottish Government investment in the plant and had only last week dropped legal action against Unite which they claimed was to “draw a line” under the recent dispute and move forward with the Grangemouth survival plan.

I am heavily involved with the Blacklist Support Group as well and I can see a situation developing at Ineos where trade unionists are being
targetted just like those who were put on the disgraceful ConsultingAssociation Blacklist.

For Mark and for trade union members across this country, please show your support.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Hume

Unite Shop Steward/Safety Rep


Link to the EDM:


  1. Anne Fox said:


    8 February 2014 at 1:42am
  2. andrew wilkes said:

    Well said Stuart, solidarity with Mark Lyons

    11 February 2014 at 12:02am

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