Fast Food Rights campaign launched

9 January 2014

On Wednesday 8 January activists from across London met to discuss the launch of the Fast Food Rights campaign. The meeting was initiated by John McDonnell MP, the bakers union BFAWU and Unite the Resistance.

The meeting debated the first steps of the campaign with agreement on a day of action on 15 February targeting Fast Food stores on London’s Oxford Street, but encouraging activists across the country to do the same.

The campaign is seeking to hi-lite the conditions of Fast Food workers in a multi-billion pound industry that is now increasingly dominated by zero hours contracts and low food right west yorkshire

But centrally the campaign is seeking to raise the prospect pf organising the fast food sector. Contributions from Wigan’s Hovis workers, UCU and Unite members showed how it’s possible to take on zero hours contracts and to organise new sectors into the trade union movement.

There will a further planning meeting ahead of the day of action on Wednesday 22 January at 7pm. Materials for the day of action will be up on the website over the next couple of days.

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