Support national autistic society strikers

11 December 2013

Rush messages of support to the NUT and NASUWT strikers at Sybil Elgar school in Southall, Ealing, west London who start a national action against the National Autistic Society on Thursday with colleagues in Kent and Barnsley.

Unfortunately at Sybil Elgar management are forcing non-teachers to do
strikers’ work which means that the school will be opening despite all
teachers being out. This is a reflection of the quite shocking behaviour of the employer.

The attack on pay and conditions is way beyond anything teacher unions have seen elsewhere, eg 8 days sick pay in the new contract. All the teachers have signed a collective letter to management saying thay will not sign it. Managers have replied with an extension of the

Front of the 15,000 strong march

Front of the 15,000 strong march

deadline until 31 December, or face sack in January.

Please rush messages of support for our excellent NUT rep Svitlana at:


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  1. Alex said:

    Shame on managers of Sybil Elgar school.
    My sister works for that school for years. Despite of dedicating herself to work, despite of extra working hours and working at home during the night, she get less and less.Pay and conditions is far beyond the standard.
    Sack the managers till January 31-st.

    16 December 2013 at 3:23pm

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