BMW agency workers get a Christmas boost

16 December 2013

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BMW workers will receive a fantastic Christmas present, following a deal struck between Unite and BMW to make 1,000 agency workers permanent with guaranteed job security beyond 2020.

Up to 700 agency workers will be told before Christmas that they are to be made permanent, with a remaining 300 workers to made permanent after 1 January 2014.

The deal means that the workers will have guaranteed job security beyond 2020 and they will join the company’s car scheme, get paid holidays, sick pay and will be eligible to join the company pension scheme. Unite and BMW have also agreed to an annual review of the scheme in order to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Unite and BMW have been in talks over the scheme for a number of months but talks gathered pace just prior to the launch of the new Mini Hatch on 18 November which followed a £750 million investment by the company.

Unite national secretary, Roger Maddison said: “In an uncertain world the best Christmas present for working families is job security. We are delighted that 1,000 BMW agency workers are to be made permanent with guaranteed job security beyond 2020.

“This is what Unite does up and down the country on a day to day basis. It is a prime example of unions and employers working together to make a lasting and positive impact in the workplace.

“The deal is also an indication of the strength of the car industry and the skills of the UK workforce.”

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