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19 November 2013

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A Feature Length Documentary

In 1984, Margaret Thatcher labelled 160,000 striking miners, their families and supporters, ‘The Enemy Within’.  It was to be the longest national industrial dispute in British history.

As the strike began, a group of miners emerged who were prepared to fight on the front line of every major battle.  They were demonised by the media and despised by the government.

Dubbed ‘Arthur’s Army’, they were to lead a fight-back that would not just rock the government but would change British society forever…

(Still) The Enemy Within that uncovers the hidden story of these remarkable people and their role in The Great Miners Strike of 1984 – 85.

Thirty years on, we catch up with Norman Strike, Jim, Anne, Betty, Jip, Joe and Steve to find out what life was really like on the front line.  Whether it’s the comic misadventures of having the surname ‘Strike’ or running battles with the police and the death of a best friend, their stories are at once funny, dramatic, sad and ultimately inspiring.

Through their eyes, we look back at a country at war, and the ordinary men and women who were forced to step on to the stage of history to fight for their communities.
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Through their eyes, we look back at a country at war, and the ordinary men and women who were forced to step on to the stage of history to fight for their communities.

Often, the story of the Miners Strike is told simply as the story of Thatcher vs Scargill.  Here we’ll meet the real leaders on the ground who spent every day for a year, fighting not just for their jobs but for the soul of the country.  Their story is not one of inevitable defeat but of missed opportunities and what could have been.

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(Still) The Enemy Within will be a truly unique insight into one of Britain’s most dramatic struggles, told by those who fought on the frontline.  With the 30th anniversary approaching, there has never been a better time to tell their story.

This film is being made by Bad Bonobo, bringing producers Mark Lacey and Sinead Kirwan together with director Owen Gower on their first feature documentary. They are collaborating with Mike Simons, the author of two acclaimed books on the strike: ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears: Photographs from The Great Miners Strike’ and ‘Striking Back.  with photographers John Sturrock and John Harris from and Martin Shakeshaft from Past Pixels who took the most iconic images of the strike. They are donating their images free of charge.

The film builds on the 30 year relationship Mike and Sinead have had with the miners and their families.  This has allowed us access to people who have never been willing to talk about their experiences on camera before.  The key interviews will be shot by the end of September 2013 and the edit is underway.  The aim is to release the film between March and April 2014 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the start of the strike.

We really feel in terms of story and characters that we are on to something special, but we are at present battling to find the adequate funding essential to the films completion.

The company itself was set up with the sole purpose of making this film bringing together industry professionals with a proven track record.  We have already shot 70% of the film, raising over 30k through private donations, Kickstarter and trade unions as well as securing the Rich Mix cinema to launch a preview of the film on the 30th Anniversary of the start of the strike in March 2014.

We need your help to finish the film by the end of this year we must raise another £35,000 to get the film to a rough cut stage.

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