Rush support to Lewisham school strikes

25 November 2013


As part of the national dispute with the Secretary of State, the NUT has issued notice for sustained strike action in six Lewisham schools to oppose pay and appraisal policies that fail to protect staff from the serious threats to pay progression allowed under Michael Gove’s imposed performance-pay legislation.

Notice has been given for action to take place on Thursday November 28th, Tuesday December 3/Wednesday December 4 and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday January 7/8/9.



SendLondon teachers march NUT messages of support to Prendergast Hilly Fields Secondary Reps Cath Georgulas and Hannah Plant Prendergast Ladywell Fields Secondary Rep: Fran Crowhurst Prendergast the Vale All-Through Rep: Helen Best Athelney Primary Rep: Eleanor Davies: Elfrida Primary Rep: Dean Gordon

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