Motion for union branches: Solidarity with Pete Shaw

21 November 2013

As was reported on this website Pete Shaw ended up in hospital after being thrown to the ground by a security guard on yesterday’s protest in Leeds as part of the TUC national day of action against blacklisting.

Pete is now recovering at home and would like to thank everyone for the many well-wishes which flooded in yesterday once news spread.

Below is a motion of solidarity which you can use in your union branch:

Protests took place around the country for the TUC day of action against blacklisting

Protests took place around the country for the TUC day of action against blacklisting

Motion: Blacklisted workers injured in Leeds – defend the right to protest

This branch notes:

The scandal of blacklisting which means that thousands of workers in the construction industry have suffered for years unable to do the jobs that they were trained to do because company bosses have denied them work for being active trade unionists.

The successful TUC: “Own Up! Clean Up! Pay Up!” day of action on Wednesday 20 November which saw protests at construction sites and company offices around the country with protests organised by Unite, GMB, UCATT  and the Blacklist Support Group.

That blacklisted construction workers in Leeds, Pete Shaw and Sandy MacPherson were knocked to the ground by private security at the Merrion Centre which is home to the McAlpine’s company offices.

That 64 year old Pete was hospitalised by the incident and has injuries that could jeopardise his work situation.

This branch believes:

We are shocked to see a protest being attacked in this way.

That we have a right to protest the attacks that we face—and we have to do this at a time when the Tories’ austerity agenda is forcing thousands to “heat or eat” this winter.

That Cameron is currently attacking the trade unions in Britain, saying that there must be a ‘review’ of union practices—citing Unite’s leverage protests as a form of bullying and intimidation.

That it is the likes of Jim Ratcliffe, Ineos boss, and the blacklisters who are the bully-boys.

That Cameron’s union witch-hunt must be rejected and cannot be used as an excuse for all manner of attempts to further curb our right to protest.

We should give no quarter to the argument that strikes, protests and occupations are illegitimate – they are our only way of fighting the attacks.

This branch resolves:

We stand in full solidarity with Pete and Sandy and agree to send a message of support care of Pete to:

To send a message of congratulations to the Blacklist Support Group for their continued campaigning and successful day of action on Weds 20 November which is dragging the blacklist scandal into the spotlight:

To send a donation of £___ to the construction rank and file fund which can be used if necessary should any loss of earnings be incurred due to any injuries that Pete or Sandy have suffered. (Otherwise it will be used to support campaigning initiatives)

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