Fight zero hours, important event at LMU, 13 November

5 November 2013              London Met University UCU


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The London Met University branch of the lecturers union the UCU has called a public meeting to protest about the use of zero hours contracts.

The meeting is on Wednesday 13th November 5.30pm Room GCG08 [Tower Block opposite Holloway Rd tube]

Speakers will include Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn, ex-leader of Islington Council Catherine West, Hovis striker John Fox (bfawu chairman and national vice president) and Liz Lawrence Vice President, UCU

The London Met UCU branch says that zero hours contracts, where workers are not guaranteed any particular hours of work are widely used at the University. It has become common practice to cut hours and close modules at no notice.

Lecturers on zero hours contracts in effect have little paid time to prepare for lectures or to mark work and students who pay ever higher tuition fees are short changed in terms of the quality of education received.

In the meantime the Vice Chancellor of the University earns almost a quarter of a million pounds a year.

UCU rep at London Met Christina Paine said

“”It is scandalous that while the boss of London Met takes home a six figure salary, a very high proportion of lecturers at London Met are employed on zero hours contracts. These hourly paid staff are very low paid, subject to loss of hours and pay cuts at no notice, have no job security, and are not paid sickness or holiday pay. This situation is not only bad for lecturers; most students have no idea their lecturers are treated as second class employees. Lecturers on zero hours are not paid for preparation of teaching materials, research or marking: in effect, they do it all for free. Lecturers and students both deserve better and these contracts need to be abolished. “

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