South Gloucestershire council workers strike grows stronger

6 October 2013
On Saturday 5th October Library Assistants, Vinney Green Secure Unit workers, EPH staff and south gloucestershire union strikeTraffic Wardens took their second day of strike action.
Picket lines were even bigger than last week in many areas. At woodleaze nursing home in Yate an amazing 24 members were present and at Vinney Green Secure Unit around 40 members were present.
Only 1 library was able to be opened by the council this Saturday compared to three last week.
The response of the local public was overwhelming with hundreds of people signing the union petition which lifted the mood of those strikers. Local trade unionists from other Unison branches as well as Unite and NUT were welcomed by strikers.
Many of the picket lines were in the constituency of Tory MP Chris Skidmore who last week said that Austerity wasn’t bad as people were not dying in the streets! South Glos Unison has called a further strike on 11th October between 10am and 2pm.
Messages of support which have been circulated to all members involved in the strike can be sent to Huw Williams Branch Secretary South Glos Unison at

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