Solidarity with Grangemouth workers, join the protest

19 October 2013

Workers for Ineos at the Grangemouth oil refinery are facing a very serious attack by the bosses.

This follows on from the victimisation of Unite the unions’s shop steward at the plant, Stevie Deans. Now, director Jim Ratcliffe is attempting to drive through a pay freeze, an attack on workers’ redundancy terms and making Unite accept a no-strike agreement.

Workers currently face a lock-out of the plant and Ratcliffe is threatening to shut the plant for good if Unite don”t agree to his terms.

Ineos are trying to break the union and the bosses actions are completely unacceptable.

A mass protest has been called this Sunday 20 October at 12noon at the Ineos plant at Grangemouth, Gate 4 on Bo’ness Road.

Earlier today a flash mob protest was held at an Ineos director’s house.

Protesting attacks at Ineos, Grangemouth

Protesting attacks at Ineos, Grangemouth

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