Rush support & solidarity to Grangemouth workers

23 October 2013

Rush solidarity to Grangemouth now

The brutal decision by Ineos to close the petrochemical plant at Grangemouth means the loss of some 800 jobs and threatens hundreds more workers with the dole. The future of the whole site is now at stake.

Unite members at the site need to know that they will receive support and solidarity if they fight.

Of course it is up to Unite members at Grangemouth to decide what course of action they will take in the face of the threatened closure.

Some in the movement have raised the idea of occupation. An occupation at Grangemouth could act as a beacon to every worker who wants to fight bullying bosses and could rally support across the labour movement.

That’s exactly what the UCS “work in” did back in the 1970’s. Rightly Len McCluskey has argued that the plant should be nationalised.

Nationalisation would secure the future of the plant and take it out of the hands of Ineos and the bullying bosses.

Every trade unionist needs to get behind the workers. Rush messages of support by clicking on the link below:—ineos/ineos-grangemouth—dispute-news/#Grangemouth%20solidarity%20messages%20-%20tcm:11-14075 Unite Logo

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  1. Antoinette Earl said:

    A message of solidarity from a fellow trade union member. You have had the bravery to stick up for your rights, and I hope that fellow trade unions wade in to support Unite. We need to nationalise Grangemouth, let the profits go to the people, and keep your jobs, terms and conditions. We all need to start fighting back!!

    23 October 2013 at 7:34pm

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