NAPO activists lobby parliament as industrial action ballot announced

9 October 2013

NAPO Lobby 9 Oct 2013

NAPO activists gathered at parliament today at lobby against the Tories’ attacks on the service and workers’ conditions.


The lobby took place in the wake of the union formally serving notice of a ballot for strikes to begin next week.

The Government also plans to outsource 70 percent of the Probation Service to private companies like G4S, Serco and Sodexo.

This will include supervision in the community of ALL low and medium risk
offenders, running treatment programmes, unpaid work and more.

NAPO argues that “the true motivation behind these plans is to drive down costs
regardless of the impact on the service. There is also an
ideological commitment to privatisation.

Currently Probation Trusts are not being allowed to bid for their own work. Napo believes justice and public protection should not be about profit. It should be about
public safety, reducing reoffending, rehabilitation and preventing
further victims.”


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