CWU protest at London Stock Exchange against privatisation: Friday 11 October

10 October 2013

CWU is protesting outside the London Stock Exchange on Paternoster Square tomorrow morning (Friday 11 October), coinciding with the floatation of Royal Mail.

Demonstrators dressed as robbers with swag bags and as David Cameron, George Osborne and Vince Cable–along with postal workers with a huge banner saying ‘the Great Royal Mail Robbery’ and placards–will protest from 7am to 9am to highlight opposition to privatisation.

The protest will take place in the final week on the union’s national strike ballot over pay, pensions, workload and privatisation. The ballot ends on 16 October.

On 19 October, Billy Hayes CWU general secretary will speak at the Unite the Resistance ‘Organising to Win’ conference.

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