Unofficial strike across Glasgow Homelessness Casework Team wins colleague’s reinstatement

18 September 2013

Up to 100 striking social care workers, members of Unison who work for Glasgow city council have returned to work this afternoon, Wednesday 18 September, following management’s agreement to reinstate their suspended colleague.

Workers walked out last Friday 13 September in solidarity with a colleague who was suspended for refusing to cover the work of a vacant post on the Homelessness Casework Team.

On Monday the unofficial strike escalated to a citywide strike of the service. The striking workers lobbied the city council chambers on Tuesday and have been leafleting council offices to spread the word and win support for their strike.

Lobbying the council chambers

Lobbying the council chambers

At a time when many thousands of workers around Britain have seen an increase in their workload as posts are cut in the name of ‘austerity’—the strike is an inspiration.

As the bosses try to squeeze even more out of us, the strike has also shown the best way to deal with the anti-trade union laws.

Their defiant strike is not the end of their battle against overwork. The Unison branch has stated its clear intention to ballot the entire service for strikes if current talks with management fail to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Send your messages of solidarity and congratulate the workers on their inspirational strike:

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  1. BERNIE HANLEY said:

    Congratulations, this is exactly what is needed,workers taking the lead!

    19 September 2013 at 1:55pm

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