TUC Congress report

9 September 2013

The TUC opened with a lively debate on a motion moved by Bob Crow of the RMT tucwho talked about his disappointment that the TUC had not acted upon the vote to look at a general strike last year.  He pointed out that things had certainly not got better since the resolution was passed last year.

Crow asked why the TUC could not coordinate action. Teachers have announced strike dates, PCS are surveying members and the FBU and CWU had a ballot for action. He put the case for striking together and for the TUC to call a mid-week demonstration involving communities to maximise the impact of action.

He called on Ed Miliband, when he comes to the conference on Tuesday, to make it clear to congress whether he is on the side of the bosses or of working people. The motion was opposed by some unions who spoke of members not being ready for such radical action but the motion was passed by a large majority and the atmosphere in the hall was buoyant.


The ICO caught 44 construction companies red-handed and yet is still sitting on the details of 3,213 construction workers, many who do not know they are on the list. No money has been paid in compensation from these mutli-millionaire companies to the victims. The motion heard from a UCATT member who was blacklisted for many years for raising health and safety issues. He called for those companies that blacklisted to be blocked from taking public contracts. He also questioned the role of the police and security forces in the process.

The motion passed unanimously calls for a public enquiry into blacklisting on a par with Leveson and for the Labour party to pledge to make blacklisting a criminal offence.

TUC congress also voted to Support the Peoples Assembly, promote and support the national day of civil disobedience on the 5th November and for the TUC to organise in the course of 2014 a nationwide demo against poverty. Focusing on the bedroom tax and food banks.

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