South Gloucestershire UNISON strike a fantastic success

28 September 2013

Today’s strike in South Gloucestershire Council was a fantastic success and showed south gloucestershire union strikethe determination of Library Assistants, Care Assistants, Civil enforcement officers and Vinney Green Secure Unit staff to fight the attacks on their pay through the removal of their Saturday enhancements. Picket lines were evident across the county and the attendance far exceeded expectations. At Vinney Green Secure Unit around 40 union members participated during the day. Pickets were buoyed up by 2 agency care workers brought in by the Authority who refused to cross the picket line. At one of the library picket line a casual worker joined the picket line and joined the strike. Local trade unionists from Unite, NUT and other Unison branches visited the picket lines and were welcomed.

At Woodleaze nursing home 14 Unison  members protested outside and as elsewhere received a great reception from the local public. Woodleaze Nursing Home and Vinney Green Secure Unit have never taken strike action before so to have the members respond in such force shows how we can fight and win.
The next strike day in on Saturday October 5th and we call on all local trade unionists to come and support us. Messages of support have been flooding into the Union branch and really gives those fighting back a lift.
messages of support to
Huw Williams,Branch Secretary,South Gloucestershire Unison, (PC).

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  1. David Blackmore said:

    As a pensioner and ex-UNISON representative I am pleased to be given the opportunity of showing my support to all the wonderful Union members who are fighting a just and rightful cause. You are not only protesting about the planned cuts to your living standards but also this wretched and two faced Government. Keep up the resistance brothers and sisters, I am with you all the way.

    30 September 2013 at 9:45am

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