Pickets at Hovis pile pressure on bosses – again!

18 September 2013

The solidarity picket called for 2am Wednesday morning at the Wigan Hovis factory saw the picket line swell to 120 people.

Mostly pickets, supported from Trade Union delegations from Wigan, Lancaster, Salford, Bolton and Manchester. The atmosphere was determined and militant.

As soon as the first wagon began to leave the factory pickets instructed everyone to stand closely together and refuse to move.

Picketing at Hovis, Wednesday 18 September

Picketing at Hovis, Wednesday 18 September


The first lorry took over half an hour to exit Cale Lane with only 8 lorries leaving the depot. Drivers refused to cross the picket line, management had brought in from other factories to drive the wagons.

By 5am such was the effectiveness of the pickets strategies for slowing and stopping the deliveries leaving that management stopped even trying to inch the lorries out of the factory and down Cale Lane.

At 6am the morning shift were led into the plant by Geoff Atkinson, regional secretary – head held high to rapturous applause and chants of ‘The workers united will never be defeated’.

Leicester and Belfast plants are balloting for industrial action and Bradford has already balloted a yes vote 70 percent to 30 percent for industrial action.

Morale and confidence in the Wigan plant workers is high and they are already planning for their third week of industrial action if talks with management do not reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Keep the messages of support coming in and invite strikers to your union meeting:

Rush messages of solidarity for the strikers to: 07739326011  roy.streeter@bfawu.org   region4@bfawu.org

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  1. Barry Cusick said:

    We the Workers @ Wigans HOVIS Bakery are Fighting not just for our selves for all the people that find that the only jobs out ther are ZERO HOUR with no Guarantee or Security Attatched,this to me is a totalDegridation of Basic Human Rights .

    19 September 2013 at 10:20am
  2. leslie atkins said:

    I think the hovis workers are doing a fantastic job,they are fighting not only for the rights of workers today but also for our childrens future,this tory government is more to the right than thatchers lot,there is only the width of a fag paper between them and the Nazi party they are so nasty party for hard working people what a laugh,allworking people and those not working should get behind the hovis workers they are fighting for you

    19 September 2013 at 8:46pm

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