Liverpool University UCU vote to fight

10 September 2013

From UCU: imagesMembers of UCU at the University of Liverpool have voted in favour of strike action and other forms of industrial action in a row over changes to their contracts.

Two-thirds (65%) of UCU members who voted, backed strike action, and four-fifths (82%) backed action short of a strike, which could involve things like not doing unpaid overtime.

The union was told that if it doesn’t agree to the changes, which will affect 2,803 staff, then the university would give the staff three months’ notice of dismissal and then rehire them on the new unfavourable conditions, which it says it is introducing to standardise staff contracts.

UCU said that while the ballot result was a ringing endorsement for action, it hoped the situation could be resolved without the need for disruption. It added that it was keen to continue speaking to the university to try and find a resolution.

UCU regional official, Martyn Moss, said: ‘UCU members at Liverpool have made it quite clear that they are prepared to take industrial action to defend their rights at work. We have a clear mandate for action, but we always want to try and resolve these things without any disruption. We hope the university will come back to the table now with a similar desire.

‘We don’t know of any other university that has attacked its staff’s terms and conditions in this way. Threatening to dismiss more than half of its staff risks doing serious damage to the good reputation of the University of Liverpool.’

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