Early morning Hovis picket stops deliveries leaving the depot

16 September 2013

hovis morning picketAround 50 pickets and supporters managed to severely disrupt delivery vans going out on Monday morning.

The first van took an hour to finally make it down the lane and out. The second van only made it half way down before the driver refused to go any further. He returned to the depot. Thirty minutes later the driver was back again being escorted by a Director. The Driver again refused to drive the vehicle any further and the van was then left by the road side.By this time it became clear that no drivers were willing to cross the picket line and drive the vans out. Just before 5am 4 vans were driven out by managers. Usually between 15 to 20 vans would leave the depot. Any delay in leaving the depot would result in the loss of the delivery time at the Supermarket holding up delivery even further. Many shops may even refuse late orders.

What next?

The final day of Week 2 strike action is Wednesday. An invitation from the Bakers Union, BFAWU, has gone out for a further solidarity picket from 2 am onwards until 6 am. At 6 am the workforce will march back into work united.

Why come?

Between 3am and 5am is a key time for the factory when delivery vans go out. Every person who can attend really does make a huge difference.

We know we all want the Hovis Workers to score a victory against Zero Hour contracts. If they win it will give confidence to millions in the fight against these odious contracts.
Your solidarity will help give the confidence to win this fight!


Wigan Hovis strikers will be back out on strike if their demands are not met for another week commencing Wednesday 25th September. Hovis factories at Leicester and Bradford are also balloting to join this fight. They need your support:

Invite them to your next union meeting

*Rush messages of solidarity for the strikers to: 07739326011  roy.streeter@bfawu.org   region4@bfawu.org

Make a donation to the Campaign. Stewards & Activists use the collection sheet.   http://uniteresist.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/UtR-Hovis-workers-collection-sheet.pdf


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