Postal workers vote unanimously to ballot for strikes

2 August 2013

Over 500 postal workers in the CWU gathered in London this week to discuss the next steps in fighting privatisation, taking on the issues of workload and defending pay and pensions. They voted overwhelmingly for a ballot no later than September for national strikes.

It was outlined clearly by national officials that the union was unwilling to settle for anything short of above inflation pay, and would not accept any deal that linked pay and pensions. The delegates also passed an amendment to ensure that any deal would be put to a special conference or policy forum to be voted on.

The policy forum that took place on Wednesday and Thursday this week came after a consultation in recent months that returned staggering votes for a fightback.

On a 74 percent turnout, members voted to oppose privatisation by 96 percent, to support the boycott of competitors’ mail by 92 percent, support the fight over pay by a staggering 99 percent and support the policy of non cooperation by 92 percent.

Postal workers left the policy forum preparing to go back to their workplaces and union branches and gear up for delivering a huge YES vote for action in the coming strike ballot.


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