Postal workers striking back at Crown Post Office and Royal Mail

22 August 2013

After ten days of strikes since Easter at Crown Post Offices, the 4,000 CWU members have voted in a re-ballot by 90 percent to include action short of strikes in their mandate for action in their battle to stop office closures and defend jobs and pay.

They have also announced further strike dates this coming weekend.

For the first time strikers will be out for two full consecutive days.

Crown Post Office workers’ next strike dates are as follows:

Saturday 24 August (UK-wide)

Monday 26 August (Scotland only)

Tuesday 27 August (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)  

Meanwhile, up to 700 delivery office CWU members across the south west may also be out striking for a full week in September. Last week Bridgwater strikers who have been out for nine days in a battle against bullying management were joined by strikers from Weston-Super-Mare delivery office, and Royal Mail CWU members in Plymouth are also in dispute.

These potential local coordinated strikes across the region in September could coincide with the CWU’s planned national ballot of its 115,000 postal industry members for strikes over privatisation, workload, pay and pensions.

Last week saw an offer on pay from Royal Mail bosses “rejected outright” by CWU.


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