No to Zero hours contracts protests in London and Birmingham – report

3 August 2013

Protestors gathered outside the Sports Direct store in Oxford St, London and the zero hours protest oxford stBull Ring, Birmingham on Saturday.

Around 40 protestors from Unite the Resistance, Youth Fight for Jobs, Unite and UCU protested outside (and inside) the Sports Direct store on Oxford Street. a dozen protestors leafletted and petitioned in Birmingham. Other protests were held in Cambridge and Glasgow.

They were protesting following the exposure of Sports Direct employment practises which mean 20,000 staff are on Zero Hours contracts. This makes it impossible for these workers to plan their lives, and allows Sports Direct to stop employing them at hours protest inside sports direct oxford st

Protestors received a good response, with shoppers stopping to take leaflets and sign petitions.

More protests are planned for Sports Direct in the coming days unless they are prepared to give their workers real rights.

Amazon has also been exposed by Channel 4 for their Zero Hours employment practises.

Unite the Union have now started a survey to identify the extent of Zero Hours hours protest birmingham

A unionisation drive across these employers would put paid to this mistreatment of workers.


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  1. Simon Strange said:

    Great demo outside Sports Direct in Birmingham. We had a good response from the public who signed our petitions and took our leaflets. Speaking to one employee she told me that it was really bad in the store and that there is no air conditioning for staff working in the heat, staff are bullied by managers if they do not sell a ‘bag for life’ to customers and when she asked if she could work mornings because of child care it was flatly denied by the management.

    3 August 2013 at 11:18pm

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