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1 August 2013

1. The Select Committee has officially called on the government to investigate ongoing blacklisting on Crossrail after compelling evidence from Gail Cartmail – UNITE AGS.

Vince Cable body swerves the issue.  

Press coverage:–cable-

Gail Cartmail’s evidence (transcript)

Crossrail dispute has seen protests in Poland, Canada, Spain and across the UK in the past few weeks. There is genuine resources allocated to this campaign and many blacklisted workers across the country have been spending lots of time on this. We are close to a famous victory but BFK still refuse to reinstate Frank Morris onto Crossrail – the struggle will just need to be cranked up


2. The Select Committee recently heard evidence from Stephen Ratcliffe – Director of the UK  Contractors Group – it is great TV and is described by Simon Revell MP (con) as “possibly the most evasive and potentially dishonest witness ever in 20 years in parliament and practicing at the bar” 

Video of Ratcliffe being put to the sword:

Full evidence from Select committee:

3. High Court latest – Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd has added 34 additional companies as co-conspirators as part of their submitted defence to the court. Expect this to be a big story in the papers in the next day or so. 

We will send out more info soon – if you are part of the Blacklist Support Group / Guney, Clarke & Ryan claim expect a letter in the next few days.

If you have a blacklist file and you are not currently part of the High Court claim please contact Liam Dunne (cc’d)

4. Meetings

Merseyside Blacklist Support Group meeting

Sat 3rd August – 11am til 2pm

Jack Jones House (UNITE offices)

Steve Acheson updating Fiddlers Ferry and Crossrail – Liverpool Councillor Nick Small – Guney, Clark & Ryan solicitors updating High Court case

National Rank and File construction workers meeting

Sat 10th August 2013 1pm-4pm 

Conway Hall 

Red Lion Square 



Crossrail leverage update from Gail Cartmail – Solicitor from Guney Clarke and Ryan – Blacklisting and High Court case latest – Election of National Committee 

5. Hazards Conference 2013

Hazards are an integral part of the Blacklist Support Group – here are a couple of contributions at conference about blacklisting safety reps  

Dave Smith, Blacklist Support Group: Dave Smith, Blacklisting Support Group 

Professor Rory O’Neill, Editor of Hazards magazine: Rory O’Neill Hazards Magazine Citizen Sane We love Red Tape

6. Frances O’Grady – TUC general secretary – on blacklisting in The Guardian

Blacklist Support Group




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