Back the Hovis strikers! Striking back against zero hours

28 August 2013

Over 200 workers at Hovis’s Wigan plant today began a week long strike. They are on strike against the introduction to the plant of agency workers on zero-hours contracts. This follows redundancies at the bakery.

Standing strong against zero-hours contracts

Standing strong against zero-hours contracts

Its the first of three week-long strikes and strikers are picketing around the clock at the bakery on Cale Lane, Wigan.

Further strikes are set to be held: 11 -18 September and 25 September – 2 October.

This morning saw big picket lines at the bakery as pickets tried to stop vans going into the site.

Picketing at Cale Lane

Picketing at Cale Lane

Unite the Resistance has produced a collection sheet for the strikers, click here to download it










Rush messages of solidarity for the strikers to: 07739326011

Send workplace collections and trade union branch solidarity donations by cheque, paybale to ‘BFAWU’ and send to: 348 Chester Road, Cornbrook, Manchester, M16 9EZ

Rising up against zero hours

Rising up against zero hours






  1. brendan mcalinden said:

    100% with the hovis staff who have every right to take action against this shameful activity. We, my family and friends and their families and friends will boycott all Hovis products until resolved.

    28 August 2013 at 7:31pm
  2. MINNIMERC said:

    Well done, I was questioned when I refused to sign one of these two years ago, the girls I was working with even said they wished they had not signed it either, but they had felt pressured into signing. GET THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT SUSPENDED.

    29 August 2013 at 9:31am
  3. Gary Walton said:

    100% behind you. I urge you to obtain as much support as possible. This should be the line in the sand to stop employers dismissing people for spurious economic reasons in order to hire people at reduced rates and with little or no employment rights.

    29 August 2013 at 9:59am
  4. Lynn Thompson said:

    Zero hour contracts are helping to ruin this country. How can people feel secure enough to spend when they can’t get guaranteed hours. No spending, no recovery, also possibly no loyalty from staff, why the hell should they bother.
    No Hovis for me or associated products.

    29 August 2013 at 4:59pm

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