Support Grimsby Institute strikers

1 July 2013

Members of UCU at Grimsby Institute will be striking on Tuesday (2 July) in an ongoing row over job losses and cuts to staff pay and conditions.


In the recent ballot, 96% of members who voted backed strike action. Staff are furious that the college is using national funding cuts as an excuse to axe one in five teaching staff, despite spending less on staff than the national average. As well as the job losses the union says the college is seeking to rip up workload agreements, slash staff pay and ride roughshod over employment rights.


There will be pickets outside the main Grimsby campus at Nuns Corner from 7.45 am.

Rush messages of support to: Eamonn Griffin: and imagesIan Rodwell:


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  1. Mr Spence said:

    The bunch of incompetents who run this college will no doubt say that UCU members who supported today’s action are in a minority and that their criticism of management is based on lies. All I can say is thank goodness for minorities and union opposition! The Institutions management have choices and unfortunately they chose to spend tax payers money on pay hikes and buildings. The communities of Grimsby deserve better than this. Currrent senior managers at Grimsby will be long gone – pensions, and salaries and bonuses banked while good teachers wil be lost and the colleges reputation in tatters. Disasterous for all affected.

    2 July 2013 at 8:44pm

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