Solidarity with Remploy workers-stop the closures

5 July 2013

Trade unions have rightly attacked the “callous” decision to close another 9 Remploy factories.

The threatened factories are in Leven, Cowdenbeath, Stirling, Dundee and Clydebank, Norwich, Portsmouth, Burnley and Sunderland. Some 234 disabled workers now face redundancy.

The government says that there are ongoing negotiations to keep factories such as those in Birmingham, Coventry, Derby Port Talbot, Sheffield and Blackburn open.

The latest announcement follows years of attacks on Remploy workers from both Labour and then Tory governments. More closures have to be seen as part of the wider attacks by the government on disabled people.

Remploy workers have shown time and again, through a series of strikes and protests, Workers on strike during action at a Remploy site in Essex in July. that they are prepared to fight against closures. The wider trade union and anti austerity movement cannot allow such attacks to be pushed through without a fight.

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