Model motion: Back march at Tory conference 29 September-back Unite Resistance conference 19 October

30 July 2013

This union branch/committee/region notes

1)     The Tory spending review in June continued the austerity drive with huge cuts to public spending, attacks on wages and more job cuts.
2)     The People’s Assembly met on 22 June and saw 4,000 activists debate the way to build the anti-austerity movement.
3)     That Unite, Unison, GMB, the TUC and other unions have called for a mass protest at the Tory Party conference on 29 September in Manchester .
4)     The powerful strikes by 2.5 million workers on 30 November 2011.
This union branch/committee/region believes

1)     That we can’t simply wait for a Labour government to end austerity, particularly after Ed Miliband signed up to Tory spending plans.
2)     That we should support the call for the creation of local People’s Assembles.
3)     We should build the biggest possible mobilisation at the Tory Party conference in Manchester .
4)     There is an urgent need to build up the strength of trade union organisation across the public and private sector.
This union branch/committee/region resolves

1)     To organise/subsidise transport to the demo at the Tory Party conference
2)     To affiliate to Unite the Resistance and send _ delegates to the build the protests,build the strikes, build the unions event on 19 October. Thousands on the march through Manchester

Thousands on the march through Manchester

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