Firefighters march in London

19 July 2013

Hundreds of firefighters marched from The Monument to a meeting of the London Fire Authority yesterday, Thursday 18 July.

The march was against the proposed cuts to the fire service which would mean the closure of twelve fire stations across London. Firefighters recently learnt that two of the threatened fire stations will remain open. This follows campaigns which have reached out and involved the local community in Clapham and New Cross.

As the march crossed London Bridge firefighters held a sit-down protest, before marching to a rally at the London Fire Authority. Speakers at the rally said that it was great that Clapham and New Cross had been saved but that that couldn’t really be seen as a concession when ten other stations are set to close.

Sit-down protest on London Bridge

Sit-down protest on London Bridge

One speaker cited the recent helicopter crash at Vauxhall as why it will be catatstrophic to cut the service in London. FBU members held placards which read “Cuts cost lives”.

The Fire Authority meeting voted to reject the proposed cuts.

The 18 July was also the day that firefighters began their national ballot for strikes over attacks on their pensions. The ballot finishes on 29 August.

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