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1 July 2013
Lambeth College is facing compulsory redundancies – 97 posts affected and 42 FTEs – plus the biggest funding cut in the college’s history. £3m has been cut already and this figure could be higher when the impact of the 24+loans takes effect in September.
Lambeth UCU branch has submitted extensive counter-proposals to management which outline a clear strategy for growing the areas they are proposing to cut. These proposals include ideas for improving and expanding the curriculum, putting on courses to meet demand, increasing funding and bringing in new funding streams.
In addition the branch has urged the college to use all possible methods for avoiding compulsory redundancies. This has been done in the past and the college has successfully avoided compulsory redundancies over the last 3 years. However, management have so far rejected these suggestions.
At the last very well-attended branch meeting, UCU members voted for a program of escalating industrial action to defend jobs and courses. This will start with a 1 day strike on Thursday 4th July. The branch will continue to negotiate with management to try and secure no compulsory redundancies.
Please send messages of support to Branch secretary Mandy Brown at
And we would very much welcome visits to our picket lines on Thursday 4th Julyfrom 8.00 am:
Brixton Centre: 56 Brixton Hill SW2 1QS
Clapham Centre: 45 Clapham Common Southside SW4 9BL
Vauxhall Centre: Belmore St, Wandsworth Rd., SW8 2JYimages

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