March on the Tory Conference

30 June 2013

The Tory assault on working class people is gathering pace. Our public services are utr nhs demo leaflet imagebeing destroyed, jobs lost, benefits cut and wages driven down.
Increasingly claimants and migrant workers are being scapegoated for the economic mess, not the bankers and politicians who are to blame.
The Cameron government wants to make us pay for the crisis.
We face the fight of our lives to turn things around.

The Tory party conference starts in Manchester on Sunday 29 September.
UNISON, UNITE and the GMB are calling for a protest at the conference to defend the NHS. Bedroom tax and benefits justice campaigners who have been organising across Britain have called for people to join a protest at the Tory conference too.
We should demonstrate at the Tory conference in our tens of thousands.

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  1. raymond wilson said:

    I would like to join the march against the tories. I live in clacton-on-sea and read the socialist worker newspaper.

    19 August 2013 at 1:46pm
  2. June Smith said:

    Unite and March to show the Tories that government is meant to be for the welfare of the whole of society and not just for the BENEFITS of the 10% .We are ALL equaly
    needed from cleaner to doctor.We demand in 6th richest country of the world a living wage because as the Tories say work should pay .

    23 September 2013 at 1:23pm

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