Equinox workers strike against pay cuts

12 June 2013

Drug and substance misuse workers and nurses are striking against pay cuts of up Equinox strikers UNITEto 20%. The charity claim that paying decent wages to professionals will deter organisations from commissioning their services.
These workers are specialists and deal with the most vulnerable people in society. They deserve a wage that matches their skill.
One picketer said ‘They want me to work on a salary of £22,000 but I have a mortgage to pay and can’t put food on the table with a 20% cut. They want to get volunteers to do our jobs.’
The cuts to local authority budgets will mean more vulnerable people will rely on the charitable sector to provide services. These services will be run down and deprofessionalised if wages are cut.
Unite have expressed concern that workers taking part in strike action are being victimised.

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