Chesterfield College UCU win support for action

7 June 2013

Chesterfield CollegeChesterfield College lecturers took strike action yesterday against compulsory redundancies.

The UCU branch received magnificent support from students and other trade unionists.

The UCU are set to take further action next week.

Rush messages of support to Sam Parker UCU Branch Secretary at Chesterfield College at

Sign the online petition in support of Chesterfield UCU at




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  1. Mary Noble said:

    I was a proud parent at the opening on
    Friday night of an exhibition of work by students on the Post-18 Art and Design Foundation course at Chesterfield College. Many of these students including my son have been accepted onto prestigious degree courses.
    The exhibition was buzzing with excitement, and as a practising artist and former lecturer on similar courses in the past, I recognised the work to be of a very high standard at this level.
    The course curriculum leader is Kathi Chamberlain, and I was shocked to learn on Friday that she had received notice of her redundancy that very same day.
    This course has for some years been recognised as one of the best in the country, and many past students have acknowledged their debt to it for their subsequent success, saying that they are still using the knowledge and discipline which they acquired on the course.
    I would love to know more about the integrity and experience of those in the department of Human Resources, amongst others, who felt justified in making Ms Chamberlain redundant, and presumably others.
    I cannot see how this course could be deemed to be more efficient by cutting the already over-worked team.
    To swallow current notions that the arts are a ‘soft’ area of education and therefore should be the first to be cut, is to be ignorant of their actual contribution to the national economy.
    Current government ministers have acknowledged this, and statistics show that funding of the arts is relatively low in comparison to their value to the national economy.
    The artists and performers who contribute to our valuable culture have to start somewhere. The management at Chesterfield will make fools of themselves and their town if they continue to make such short-sighted decisions.

    24 June 2013 at 12:39am

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