Brighton Cityclean bin workers – day 5 report

18 June 2013

It’s day 5 of the week long strike of some 300 GMB bin workers employed by brighton cityclean strikersCityclean in Brighton and the turnout on picket lines is still solid.

Today it was announced that as council bosses were refusing to budge on their intent to impose an up to £4,000 pay cut on some of the lowest paid council workers, more strikes would take place from Monday next week, with drivers out for 5 days running alongside a work-to-rule that will start immediately when the strikers return to work this Friday.

Well over 500 joined a long march from Brighton to Hove on Saturday. There was a huge turnout on the demonstration from the strikers themselves. Alongside them, there were trade unionists with banners from Unison, UCU, Unite, and PCS, as well as students, some Green Party and Labour Party members and local residents showing solidarity.

As the strikers marched through the town, they received big cheers and claps from the public, as they chanted “what do we want… Kitcat out!”

The low paid workers stand to lose up to £4,000 if the council bosses’ attack goes ahead. But already the impact of the workers’ strike was evident with rubbish visible on the streets of Brighton and five more strike days to go. Now this has built up with rubbish blowing across the streets as the hard-hitting strike continues.cityclean strikers picket

They will have picket lines Wednesday and Thursday at their Cityclean Depot on Upper Hollingdean Road in Brighton, and picketing will also take place at the Big Wheel in Brighton.

Rush messages of support and invites for speakers to meetings to

You can find out more about the dispute, sign the petition and make a donation to the strike fund at at

You can also follow the cityclean workers on twitter @gmbcityclean and the union @gmbsussexbranch and @gmbsouthern.

Click here to download collection sheet

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  1. ann sandells said:

    If the council hadn’t wasted ourmoney on 20 mile limits that no one takes any notice of,they wouldn’t have to steal from the real workers .Hope you win .

    21 June 2013 at 5:03pm

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