Brighton Cityclean strike off to great start…demonstrate tomorrow!

14 June 2013

There was a massive turn out on the picket line at the Cityclean, Hollingdean depot in Brighton this morning. The picket kicked off the workers week long strike against a massive pay cut of up to £4000 headed up by Green council leader Jason Kitcat.

One worker summed up the mood when he said  “Morally it’s wrong what they’re doing. High officers in the council are not taking any detriment whatsoever. To say they’re doing it for fairness when it’s the lowest paid workers in the council actually doing the sweat is completely untrue.

They’re cutting into the heart of the working class. The bigger issue is that there’s no pay progression, why is there a glass ceiling for us stuck on low pay—where’s the fairness in that?”

Following unofficial action and the occupation of their depot the GMB members at Cityclean voted by 96 percent vote for the action that started today.

The council is under real pressure. It was forced to pledge it would not use scabs to break the strike. There is massive public support in Brighton. Tomorrow will see a mass protest by strikers and supporters assembling at 11.30am at the depot. The march will be lead by GMB general secretary Paul Kenny.


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