300 march in memory of Stephanie Bottrill, killed by the bedroom tax

15 June 2013

300 people marched against the bedroom tax on Saturday in Birmingham in memory of Stephanie Bottrill. Stephanie was the first reported suicide as a result of the bedroom tax.

Protest organisers read out a letter to David Cameron written by Stephanie’s friends and neighbours, and a wreath was laid at the council house in her memory.brum bedroom tax demo 1

As the marched proceeded noisily through the city centre it was well received and people joined the march.brum bedroom tax demo 2

The rally was addressed by Richard Burden MP, DPAC activist Robert Punton, residents from Birmingham and Manchester, Eileen Short from the Benefit Justice campaign and others.

Ron Senchak from Manchester was cheered when he described how they had saved a tenant from eviction this week.

Campaigners went away determined to build the campaign and make sure the bedroom tax is smashed.utr on brum bedroom tax demo


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