Up to 7,000 join London-wide march to Downing Street to defend the NHS and demanding a national NHS demonstration

19 May 2013


Up to 7,000 marched on Downing Street on Saturday 18 May on the London-wide NHS demonstration against hospital closures and privatisation.

The march was the result of an unprecedented coalition of ten trade unions, droves of politicians, and most significantly all the local NHS campaigns in London which have each put thousands on the streets in their communities to defend hospitals.

There were big mobilisations from the Lewisham, Ealing, Hammersmith and Whittington NHS campaigns to defend hospitals, as well as big contingents from supporting unions. The march was thick with trade union banners. Many health workers joined the marched, having received leaflets from campaigners outside their hospitals or emails or letters from their unions in recent weeks.

The key message coming out from the rally was the demand for a national demonstration to be called by the TUC and union leaders. A statement was launched at the rally calling for this.

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