PCS Culture & Sport Sector “Summer Strike Back”

30 May 2013

Museums and gallery staff are striking today as part of the PCS national campaign. Strikers are keen to highlight the issue of low pay that particular affects gallery and museum staff.

At Tate Modern, pickets held a banner which read: “ACTION NOW to end cuts to culture and ¬†the arts”

Strikes in the sector continue tomorrow, Friday 31 May and on Saturday 1 June, why not get to the pickets between 0830 and 10am to show your solidarity:

Picketing at Tate Modern

Picketing at Tate Modern

Thursday, 30 May

  • Department of Culture Media and Sport
  • Royal Parks
  • Tate London and Tate Liverpool
  • National Gallery
  • Imperial war Museum
  • National Portrait Gallery

Friday, 31 May

  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • British museum
  • Sport England
  • Wallace Collection
  • National museum¬†Liverpool (over 31 May to 1 June)

Saturday, 1 June

  • National Museums Liverpool (balance of 24 hours)

Sunday, 2 June

  • English Heritage

No cuts to culture and the arts

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