Frank Morris v Crossrail

21 May 2013

Frank Morris tribunal 1 Frank Morris tribunal 2 Frank Morris tribunal 3Dozens of supporters joined Frank Morris at his employment tribunal today (Tuesday 21 May) in central London.

Frank was sacked for raising health and safety issues at the Crossrail site at Westbourne Park.

Frank’s case has been at the heart of a wave of agitation against the blacklist across the country.

Just last week George Tapp was badly injured on an anti blacklist protest in Manchester.

The retired construction worker was hospitalised at a flashmob protest at the BAM construction site at the Manchester City’s ground.

You can send messages of support to George via 07949335390.


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  1. Pete Farrell said:

    Only by fighting can any changes come about. That’s how we got our rights and today all of them are under attack. So we have to fight back together we can win, our rights are non negotiable. This is their crisis are their making, nothing to do with workers/pensioners/disabled people/unemployed/kids.

    1 June 2013 at 6:45pm

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