Iain Duncan Smith too scared to visit Smethwick

20 April 2013


It has been announced that Iain Duncan Smith has cancelled his visit to Smethwick Job Centre on Thursday.

It comes as no surprise as there was a growing welcoming committee that was looking forward to making sure that IDS felt the anger over the ConDem attacks on welfare.

Where will IDS try to visit next? If he comes to visit your area make sure he gets the welcome he deserves.


Copied from Birmingham Against the CutsIain-Duncan-Smith

Smethwick Job Centre are to have a ministerial visit on Thursday, with Iain Duncan-Smith, the minister for the DWP, the expected visitor. As the man responsible for the failing work programme, the impending disaster of universal credit, the bedroom tax, the continued screwing over of disabled people, a huge increase in the number and severity of benefit sanctions that leave people destitute, a real terms cut in benefits and generally all round lying about our social security system in order to destroy it, we are calling on people to be at Smethwick job centre to give him a warm midlands style welcome. We would particularly encourage claimants who have been “incentivised” to not get benefits to attend to thank IDS for his help.

Thursday 25th April

Smethwick Job Centre
High Street, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 3AD

So why is IDS coming to Smethwick job centre? Perhaps this job centre is the one in the west midlands that gave staff easter eggs for exceeding sanction targets, and he is coming to award someone their chocolate for depriving another person of food for up to three years.

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