Unite the Resistance East London Conference, Sat 4 May

30 April 2013

As the Tories try to divide us, we need to…

Unite the Resistance

East London Conference

UtR east london front A6

Oxford House, Derbyshire St, Bethnal Green, E2 6HG

Billy Hayes, CWU general secretary

Jackie Turner, Keep Our NHS Public

Alex Kenny, Tower Hamlets NUT branch secretary

Kevin Courtney, NUT deputy general secretary

Eileen Short, Defend Council Housing

Max Watson, UNISON NEC (All speakers in appear in a personal capacity)

Workshops include:

• Education and the fight against privatisation

• How do we save the NHS

• Stop benefit cuts – stop the bedroom tax

Also featuring:

Photo exhibit: A history of anti-racism in East London over the last 30 years

(Phil Maxwell)

‘Ice & Fire’ Radical theatre company

May Day greetings from workers across Europe

Web: uniteresist.org Phone: 07760 287 990

Workers across the world are in a life and death struggle as rulers seek to make us pay for the bosses and bankers crisis. The TUC passed a resolution at its annual congress last year committing it to consider the practicalities of a general strike. The calls for coordinated strikes must turn into a reality.

But resistance will also take other forms – in defence of our NHS and education, the scapegoating of migrant workers, disabled people and the unemployed, the growing campaigns against the bedroom tax and other issues.

This conference will seek to bring together all strands of the fightback, to organise and build practical solidarity now.

UtR east London back A6

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