Report from Home Office strikes 16-19 April

19 April 2013

Between the 16th and the 19th of April Home Office workers took concerted industrial action. The Government tried to injunct Home Office workers to prevent them from taking strike action on the 8th of April,  the response of PCS members at the Home Office was to take rolling strike action across an entire week.

On a UKBA picket in Leeds

On a UKBA picket in Leeds

The action was successful and has shown the Government that PCS members in the Home Office will not be intimidated.

The response of PCS members at the Home Office has shown that the Government’s bullying tactics have had the opposite effect from the one they hoped for: trying to bully Home Office workers turned one day of strike action into a week of strike action!

We now need to build on the action that’s been taken across PCS to make future action in the coming months even more effective.

We also need to continue to lead by example: it’s time for other unions to follow the example unions like PCS who have taken action so that ┬átogether we can build a united resistance.

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