Postal workers vote for mail boycott ballot

24 April 2013

cwu_logoPostal worker delegates at the CWU conference voted unanimously this week for a ballot of Royal Mail workers on a boycott of mail handled by private mail companies. This is part of the part of the union’s moves to protect the universal service and prevent privatisation of Royal Mail.

Private mail makes up 44 percent of the average daily mail bag. Royal Mail says its average daily traffic is 58 million items, so a boycott would leave 26 million items undelivered each day.

These would include bills, statements, and business mail contracts won by companies including TNT and UK Mail under what the CWU describes as unfair competition and cherry-picking.

CWU will ballot 120,000 members in Royal Mail Group. The ballot will open on 22 May and close on 18 June with the result announced the next day. Ballot papers will be distributed by CWU branches in the work place and then returned to independent scrutineers.

Dave Ward, CWU deputy general secretary, said, “The tired old policies of privatisation have failed services for decades. We’re balloting our members to back our position to protect the universal service, and oppose privatisation.”

Dave Chapple, a delegate from Bristol, told the conference: “The one last chance we have this year to beat privatisation is to have a serious ruck with Royal Mail.”

Unite the Resistance urges everyone to back this battle to defend the service and protect jobs. CWU reps should be asked to UTR events to explain the campaign and workers should prepare to back the CWU when it takes action.

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