People’s Assembly 22 June: model motion

22 April 2013

People's Assembly LogoThe People’s Assembly which has been called by a number of trade union bodies for Saturday 22 June is an excellent initiative to gather together trade unionists and community activists engaged in the fight against austerity.

The People’s Assembly comes at an important time in the fight against the Tories.

Unite the Resistance is calling on people to attend and mobilise for the People’s Assembly. It is vital that there is discussion and debate about how we take the movement forward, and how we organise the kind of action that can win.

Pass the motion below through your trade union branch/ community organisation supporting the People’s Assembly and for affiliation to Unite the Resistance.

Unite the Resistance has organised two very successful national conferences of over 1,000 people and a number successful regional events.

Click here to download the motion

Click here to visit the People’s Assembly website

Model motion on the People’s assembly

This branch/committee notes:

1) The intensified Tory assault on working people represents the biggest offensive for generations.

2) Cameron’s government is slashing benefits, scapegoating unemployed and disabled people and immigrants. The Tories are continuing the privatisation of our health service, slashing jobs, enforcing low pay and undermining pensions.

3) The call for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, to be held on Saturday 22 June, 9:30am – 5pm, Central Hall Westminster, Storey’s Gate, London, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH

4) That the call has been backed by most leading trade union figures.

5) The continuing wave of strikes by the PCS and the plans for regional and national strikes over pay by the NUT and the NASUWT teachers’ unions.

6) That some trade unions have backed a general strike and that there is a continuing need to coordinate strikes.

7) That Unite the Resistance has initiated a demonstration at the Tory party conference on Sunday 29 September.

This branch/committee believes:

1) That we should support initiatives like the People’s Assembly, and also Unite the Resistance that pull together trade unionists and campaigners who want to build a fight against austerity.

2) That it is crucial that alongside conferences and protests we develop an industrial campaign against the government including a campaign of coordinated national strikes. Words about resistance need to be turned into action.

3) That the TUC should act on the resolution passed at its last conference to name the date for a general strike against austerity.

This branch/committee resolves

1) To support the People’s Assembly and to send…delegates

2) To affiliate to Unite the Resistance

3) To call on our union to co-ordinate its actions with other unions in the fight against austerity.

4) To back the call for the TUC to name the day for a general strike against the Tories.

5) To support the demonstration initiated by Unite the Resistance at the Tory party conference.

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