PCS escalates action

13 April 2013

The PCS is escalating their action against the attacks on their pay, pensions and PCS launches programme of actionterms& conditions.

On Wednesday 20th March 250,000 PCS members struck, shutting and disrupting offices across the country. This was followed by successful half day walkouts on Friday 5th and Monday 8th April.

From Tuesday 16th April the PCS reports the following action will be taken:

“The first day of next week’s action on Tuesday involves all members in immigration and settlement, excluding permanent migration and is followed on Wednesday by members in the permanent migration area only. They will be joined by members working at Home Office headquarters in Marsham Street, London, who do not work in international operations and visas, resources and organisational development, immigration and settlement, enforcement and crime, director of operations or strategy and intelligence.

On Thursday there will be a day of action by members in resource and organisational development, director of operations, strategy and intelligence, international operations and visas, with the week rounding off on Friday with action by members in enforcement and crime.”

Unite the Resistance congratulates the PCS for taking the lead in resistance to the ConDem attacks on working people. We call on all our supporters to show solidarity with these actions and build the widest possible unity.

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