Oxford Unite the Resistance meeting and pamphlet launch, 29.04.13

17 April 2013

“Trade Unions and the Fight Against Austerity: A strategy to win”
Meeting and Pamphlet Launch

Monday 29 April 2013, 7pm, Ruskin College (Headington OX3 9BZ)

Speakers include: (personal capacity)

Zita Holborne, (PCS NEC and Black Activists Rising Against Cuts)

Ian Hodson, (national President, BFAWU)

Chad Croom, (CWU south central branch secretary)

Ellen Clifford, (Disabled People against Cuts)

Alan Whitaker, (former President UCU)

Supported by:
PCS DWP Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
CWU South Central

Click here to download the leaflet

Oxford UtR leaflet 29 April (3)

We face the most concerted attack on our public services, jobs, pay
and pensions for generations.

The Tory led coalition is committed to austerity as an excuse to
drive down our pay and living standards and drive through cuts to
our services that even Thatcher never dreamed of.The national ballot by PCS members, key local battles like the action by health workers in Yorkshire and the growing wave of

protests against the cuts such as the 25,000 strong protest in
defence of Lewisham’s health services show that workers are angry
and want to fight back.

The onslaught on the poor through the Tories ongoing attacks and
scapegoating of benefit claimants has to, and can be, stopped.

Workers across Europe are striking back against austerity.
We need our trade unions to lead the resistance to austerity.
We saw what our unions could do on 30 November 2011 when 2.5
million workers took action together against the attack on public
sector pensions.

Since then, despite the intensification of Tory attacks we’ve not
seen strike action on that scale.

We need to build mass industrial action to stop the Con-Dem’s
austerity attacks.

Unite the Resistance wants to pull together all those who see
working class organisations as central to opposing austerity.
We want to see the TUC’s vote on a general strike turned into

We want co-ordinated national action against the Tory onslaught,
uniting strikers and campaigners fighting every aspect of the cuts
and austerity agenda.

We are building a network of solidarity in every area so that every
group of workers and campaigners knows we won’t fight alone.
Join us.

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