Hanson Bricks Kiln strikers call for solidarity picket

27 April 2013

hanson kiln workers


The kiln workers have been on strike for 3 weeks. They are calling for a mass picket on Mayday – Wednesday 1st of May from 6am onwards.

The picket line is on the Kings Dyke Road (A605) location PE7 1PD


13 kiln workers at Hanson Bricks have been on strike since the 9th April. They are on strike because Hanson management want to take 4 days holiday off their 25 day entitlement. They have been picketing the site every day.


The Hanson Kings Dyke brickworks (formerly the London Brick Company) is the only one left in the country that produces the Fletton Brick, the main house brick used during the post war council housing boom and the main brick used in the building trade up until quite recently. The Fletton brick is now only used for extensions to older houses, renovations and maintenance but given the number of properties using this brick the order book is full and the site runs at a decent profit. In 2008 Hanson was acquired by the German company Heidelberg cement group.


Management are trying to continue to run the kilns. This is not straightforward as this is a skilled trade. The bricks are cooked for a week.


There have been reports of health and safety and environmental violations on-site all of which have been reported by the unions to the HSE and environment agency.


The bricks cooked by the bosses have been coming out of the kilns in substantially smaller volumes and of inferior quality and there have been many rejects. The site is slowly grinding to a halt.


Other workers on the site have been refusing to work overtime and are working to rule. If their action is escalated and management fail to deliver orders this dispute could soon be won.


Please send messages of support to the senior steward Stan Dow at stanley.dow@ntlworld.com or to 41 Inhams Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 1TT.

Cheques, made payable to ‘UNITE THE UNION 8/10/738 Branch’ should also be sent to this address.


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