Construction bosses met with protests over blacklisting

19 April 2013


Unite the Union have been working alongside the Blacklist Support Group and the construction rank and file network in a ‘leverage’ campaign over blacklisting on the Crossrail project.

In September 2012, EIS, a sub-contractor was removed from the Crossrail project and 28 workers were made redundant. The company was employed by the BAM, Ferrovial, Kier (BFK) consortium.

BFK: Don't rat on your workers

BFK: Don’t rat on your workers!


Unite shop steward Frank Morris was banned from the site after he raised concerns over dangerous cabling in tunnels.

The managing director of EIS has has signed a witness statement declaring his understanding that the contract was terminated due to trade union activity within the workforce.

Unite see the actions of Crossrail and their contractors (BFK) as tantamount to ‘Blacklisting’.

Construction companies are in the spotlight now following the Scottish Affairs Committee investigation into blacklisting.

Holding the bosses to account at The Grosvenor

Holding the bosses to account at The Grosvenor

This follows the 2009 Information Commissioners Office raid on the Consulting Association which discovered a construction blacklist with 3,200 names on it.

Eight of the major contractors employed by Crossrail were found to have been actively involved in ‘blacklisting’.

BAM Nuttal / Construction paid the Consulting Association (CA) over £38,000 between 1996 and 2009. Kier: Paid the CA over £30,000 between 1996 and 2009.

Anti-blacklist protests

Protests began on Tuesday night at The Lancaster Hotel where Kier were sponsoring an awards night. The lively protest made lots of noise and got the message out to the guests and the public and protesters stopped rush-hour traffic for an hour outside the hotel.

A giant inflatable rat told BFK, “Don’t rat on your workers”

On the evening of Thursday 18 April, the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane got the same treatment as protesters demonstrated outside the National Building Awards.

A ‘mass picket’ at the Crossrail site at Westbourne Park stopped deliveries for the day early on Friday 19 April following harassment of Frank Morris by security at the site when he was protesting there the previous day.

Protesting at Kier sponsored event at The Lancaster

Protesting at Kier sponsored event at The Lancaster

Protests have also been held outside Kier’s headquarters and the protests are set to escalate around the country.

Rank and file electricians are appealing for donations. Send cheques payable to “Joint Sites Committee” to 70 Darnay Rise, Chelmsford CM1 4XA


Protesting against Kier at The Lancaster

Protesting against Kier at The Lancaster

Defend Steve Acheson

An appeal has been launched for blacklisted worker Steve Acheson, who has been out of work since being sacked from an engineering project at Fiddlers Ferry power station four and a half years ago. Steve is set to lose his house. A campaign has been launched to raise £25,000.

Cheques made payable to: “Fiddlers Ferry Hardship Fund” should be sent c/o: Warrington Trade Union Council, 6 Red Gables, Pepper Street, Warrington WA4 4SB

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