Billy Hayes speaks in Lewisham, Thursday 2 May

29 April 2013

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Public sector workers face an unprecedented attack on their pay, pensions andterms of employment.

There is an urgent need for a fight back. CWU workers in Crown post offices are taking strike action in defence of pay and jobs and against closures.The PCS union is also taking strike action over cuts to pay, pensions and working conditions.

In south east London we face a huge assault on our health services, with Lewisham hospital on the front line. Cuts, closures and privatisation of services are threatened in Sidcup, Orpington, Bexley, Bromley, Woolwich and Lewisham.

25,000 people marched on 26 January against the closure of Lewisham A&E. The fantastic campaign that has been mounted in defence of the hospital shows what is possible when people who want to resist the Tories’ austerity agenda unite and organise together.

New Cross, Downham and Woolwich fire stations all face the threat of closure. The Lewisham march was joined by firefighters, including FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack who addressed the demo.

There was also a delegation from Lewisham College, where two sites are under threat of closure.

We have to co-ordinate these fights in order to organise a stronger opposition to the cuts.

The TUC passed a resolution at its annual congress in 2012 committing it to consider “the practicalities” of a general strike. We believe the TUC needs to name the day for a general strike. The calls for coordinated strikes must be made into a reality.

But resistance will also take other forms – in defence of our NHS and education, against the scapegoating of migrant workers, disabled people and the unemployed, and the growing campaign against the bedroom tax.

We hope this meeting can be the start of building a network accross south east London that can fight back against cuts and austerity and organise in defence of our public services.

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