Show solidarity with PCS strikers

19 March 2013

On Budget day, 20th March, 250,000 civil servants in the PCS union will strike in

Pic: (c) Kelvin Williams

Pic: (c) Kelvin Williams

defence of their pay, jobs and pensions.

We don’t yet know all of what will be in the budget but we know it won’t be good news for us. It will be another budget by the rich for the rich.

PCS members are striking back against austerity and for a pay rise. Their slogan “Britain needs a pay rise” really strikes a chord. Millions of public sector workers have had their pay frozen, most private sector workers are watching their pay and conditions being driven down and for the first time since the introduction of the welfare state benefit payments won’t rise in line with inflation.

All indications are that this will be a strongly supported strike with unprecedented levels of support from the public.

March 20th is an important strike – this needs to be the start of something bigger. We need to build a movement strong enough to defeat austerity.

There will be hundreds of picket lines across the country. Unite the Resistance is calling on all our supporters to visit a picket line to show solidarity.

There are Budget day protest rallies up and down the country – find your nearest one here – show your anger and solidarity too.

Unite the Resistance will be reporting from the picket lines and rallies through the day. Please send reports to

We will also have a slideshow of picket line pictures from 9am. Please send pictures to  and they will be automatically included.

In the evening of Budget Day Unite the Resistance is hosting a protest rally – come and join us

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